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Amplifier Series

Overdrive Super RR Series

There are many features with the ODV S-RR

The amplifier incorporates a built in valve cathode driven effects loop, with a -10db Trim to interface with a wide variety of effects units. The loop operates in series mode, but has the added feature of being switchable in/out from the back panel. This enables the loop to be gain-matched much more easily, or allows the amp to run in its purest mode when required. Ideal for studio work.

Another feature is the valve driven Accutronics 3 spring Reverb, a high quality unit which has a short chassis, positioned to remove the chance of any RF interference from hi-voltages etc. within the amp. It delivers a luscious warm but open reverb, controllable via a rear mounted pot. Note - the switch that defeats the loop also defeats the reverb return.

Please take note that the amp is entirely hand wired using traditional methods employing eyelet boards, common star grounding and point-to-point wiring. Remember also that the audio signal path is tubes all the way through, no op-amps, no ICs and definitely no digital!

The output stage features separate 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs, Full and half power switch (100 watt version), AC and standby switches and a detachable IEC power cable socket with external fuse.

The chassis is made of hi-grade aluminium, which is anodized for corrosion protection.

All valves, transformers or large components are mounted directly onto the chassis.

By using extensive lengths of shielded internal signal cable, and meticulous positioning of the audio and power lines, the amp is quiet and virtually free of hum at all operating levels.

A chassis mounted DC fan is added to remove heat, which is switchable for silent studio operation.

All amps are given a 100 hour burn in period on factory valves, to stabilise new components, plus detect any early life component failure, then its re-valved and rebiased ready for delivery.

Every amp is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty against defects or component failure for the original registered owner. This also covers factory delivered tube failures up to 3 months after amplifier purchase. Please note- this does not include shipping costs.



The standard footswitch deploys the Overdrive, the Pre-Amp-Boost and the Mid-Boost each separately or in any combination of the three you like. All these features are also switchable from the chassis with the footswitch disconnected.

ODV S-RR Features

Size (width x depth x height)

Head: 21" x 10.5" x 11" Weight (Head): 100-Watt 40 lbs

Tube compliment


Incidentally, The Volt Overdrive Super RR is not just a precision amplifier; it is designed to be a musical instrument in its own right.


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