Amplifier Series

Contact Volt Amp Co

You can contact Volt Amp Co by calling (+44) 01785 812071. We are based in Stone Staffordshire. Alternatively, feel free to e-mail us at

If you are interested in our amplifier series, please contact us, by either telephone or email. Demonstration available at our local studio by appointment.

Please take note that volt amps are entirely hand wired using traditional methods employing eyelet boards, common star grounding and point-to-point wiring.

All amps are given a 100 hour burn in period on factory valves, to stabilise new components, plus detect any early life component failure, then its re-valved and re-biased ready for delivery.

Every amp is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty against defects or component failure for the original registered owner. This also covers factory delivered tube failures up to 3 months after amplifier purchase. Please note- this does not include shipping costs.

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